9/11 and the ‘terrorist’ monks

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On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the World Trade Centre in New York City, killing thousands. A month later Radhanath Swami returned to India from his US tour. “America is shaken,” he told us. He had witnessed it firsthand. […]

The Escapist Monk

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When I entered IIT, our Professor said, “Beware! Seeing others excel, some will very likely turn escapists”…
At my monastery, a quote of Radhanath Swami reads, “Simply change of situation or service can give us temporary satisfaction but not shelter” […]

One Day at a Time

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Any great cricketer will tell that one of the secrets of the game is to play it “one ball at a time”…
…I approached a senior monk, a disciple of Radhanath Swami, and he advised, “Live life one day at a time.” That was a turning point […]

A Heritage of Selfless Service

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… Internal struggles to overcome base desires form the culture of Radhanath Swami’s Radhagopinath Ashram, rather than external struggles for power. Our monastery is run by four presidents, and each holds tenure for three months […] [wdgpo_plusone]