Inspiration for selfless service from Ramayan

Lessons on selfless service from Ramayana

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Many brahmacharis (celibate monks) staying at Chowpatty ashram regularly hear Radhanath Swami’s classes. In particular, the series of his classes on Ramayana, the immortal Vedic scripture, teaches many invaluable […] [wdgpo_plusone]

Poison Ivy

Radhanath Swami speaks of the Itch

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There is a plant called poison ivy. If you touch that plant you get a red rash, and little bumps form on your flesh. It begins with just a few little spots […]

Gandhi on Brahmacharya

“Rules for Brahmacharya” by Gandhi

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Boys  and girls should be brought up simply and naturally in the full belief that they are and can remain innocent […]

Two Monks

Two Monks

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Real renunciation is renunciation of our egos. –Radhanath Swami
Bhartrihari was the king of Malva-Rajaputana (modern Madhya Pradesh), who’s capital was Ujjiyani or Avanti (modern city Ujjain) […]