Diet that can harm celibacy

6 Things In Your Diet That Can Harm Celibacy

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“Flesh, condiments, eggs, tea, coffee, chocolate, and all other stimulants have a powerful influence directly upon the blood; and through nervous sympathy with the brain, the passions are […]

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi said so

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“We hardly realize the fact that incontinence is the root-cause of most of the vanity, anger, fear, and jealousy in the world.”
— Mahatma Gandhi


Havelock Ellis

Celibacy and Emotional Arts

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The masters of all the more intensely emotional arts have frequently cultivated a high degree of chastity. This is notably the case as regards music. One thinks of Mozart, of Beethoven, […]

Galen’s analysis

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“Omne animal post coitum triste.” (All animals are sad after coitus.)
—Galen. […]