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  1. Deepak

    Jan 27th, 2012

    Very nice article prabhu. I am really eager to know the name of the wonderful personality about whom this article is written

  2. samir paleja

    Jan 27th, 2012

    Good article. thank u.

  3. Dashrath Wasmatkar

    Jan 27th, 2012

    Thank you. Very inspiring article. Lesson of Service attitude and Humility is described so wonderfully in this article, and that too with nice example of Ashram Monk, that I also want to develop these qualities in myself.

  4. Vidya Patham

    Jan 27th, 2012

    It is wonderful and inspiring to read the realizations and actions of these devotees who have really gone deep into their practice of devotional service. Thank you very much for sharing.

  5. raju

    Jan 27th, 2012

    very nice article..Thank you very much..

  6. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Jan 29th, 2012

    Wonderful article! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Ravi Garg

    Jan 29th, 2012

    Very nice article……

  8. Paramesvara Dasa

    Jan 30th, 2012

    It is really amazing to note a devotee accepts his not doing job due to some other important engagement. It is very rare to find such virtuous quality. All glories to Ghanshyam saint, All monks in Radha Gopinath Ashram and HH Radhanatha Swami Maharaja.

  9. Kiran

    Jan 30th, 2012

    I truly amazing to see that such personalities do exists, and a whole lot of community aspiring for the same sacred virtues. Appreciate your efforts form the bottom of my heart…..

  10. Jagannath Dham Das

    Jan 31st, 2012

    Wow ! What an inspiring anecdote from the community of monks! Very eager to know the identity! Hare Krishna!

  11. Anand

    Jan 31st, 2012

    I am surprised at the level of humility of the devotee (temple president of Radha Gopinath temple). No doubt, such devotees are leading others from the front & are also conveying the message that they are truly advancing in KC as they truly consider themselves to be servant of other devotees.

  12. shyama radhika devi dasi

    Jan 31st, 2012

    very good article. thank u.

  13. madhura

    Jan 31st, 2012

    Amazing!What a service attitude.

  14. muraligovinda dasa

    Feb 1st, 2012

    Very inspiring article. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Jayesh B

    Feb 1st, 2012

    A very inspiring article prabhu ! Thank you for sharing it !

  16. Amar Solanki

    Feb 1st, 2012

    Not everybody can express this kind of service attitude. Iskcon is lucky to have this kind of devotees.

  17. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Feb 1st, 2012

    A real eye-opener as to who is really wealthy! Kudos to all the bramhacharis living in the ashram and performing such wonderful service.

  18. sajeev

    Feb 1st, 2012

    great souls…i am short of words…

  19. Kuldeep Soni

    Feb 2nd, 2012

    Very inspiring.

  20. Amar Solanki

    Feb 2nd, 2012

    just amazing!

  21. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Feb 3rd, 2012

    Thank you for sharing about how brahmacharis are more wealthy than people who are millionaires materially. Absolutely true!

  22. Sumit Sharma

    Feb 3rd, 2012


  23. deepak bagla

    Feb 6th, 2012

    what an outstanding article. This article has made great impact in my heart and is changing my attitude towards life

  24. AG das

    Feb 7th, 2012

    It is amazing to see the deep influence of Radhanth Swami has on the inmates of his ashrama!!!

  25. Pankaj

    Feb 8th, 2012

    The author of this article is surely very wealthy brahmachari…because he writes so many illustrious articles!!!

  26. mukund

    Feb 12th, 2012

    thank you for sharing

  27. nandkishordas

    Feb 13th, 2012

    simply wonderful prabhujis, thanks for this exemplary lifestyle and for everything else.

  28. omprakash

    Feb 14th, 2012

    high class selflessness…very much inspiring,thank you for sharing

  29. Arvind

    Feb 14th, 2012

    Very nicely we can understand the goal of our life is & what exactly we need to achieve.

  30. admin

    Feb 18th, 2012

    Thanks for your comment..
    These articles are written by very experienced people who have been following celibacy in their lives for few decades & years. You can certainly take some excerpt from these articles provided you give due credit to these writers. 🙂 One of the good ways of doing that on internet is to place the link to the website & let people on your website enter the pool of many such more posts…


  31. Rajeev

    Feb 20th, 2012

    Nice insights about renounced life…

  32. Pradeep Kumar

    Feb 22nd, 2012

    Very wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Jackie

    Feb 25th, 2012

    UtkarshRadhanath Swami grofilies the virtues of tolerance and humilty beyond all, and in no small terms. He does so by practically illustrating it in action in his personal life.

  34. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Feb 27th, 2012

    Absolutely true. Monks are the ones who have real wealth not materialistic people who possess all sorts of opulences.

  35. saurabh

    Feb 29th, 2012

    Very wonderful article Thank you very much

  36. Chetan

    Mar 5th, 2012

    Wonderful article, it explains key to be happy is genuine service attitude.

  37. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Mar 7th, 2012

    All great souls shy away from fame and glory. they are the true renunciates and the most wealthiest.

  38. Damodar

    Mar 11th, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this nice article on real wealth of a celibate

  39. Harshawardhan

    Mar 12th, 2012

    It’s a fortune to see such heart-touching qualities, genuinely being expressed by the monks at Radha-Gopinath Ashram.
    Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful anecdote!!

  40. madhura

    Mar 18th, 2012

    nice article.

  41. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Mar 20th, 2012

    Monks are the most wealthiest!

  42. Hemant Solanki

    Mar 22nd, 2012

    Thank You for sharing a nice article

  43. Rashmi Solanki

    Mar 22nd, 2012

    a wonderful article

  44. Rajeev

    Mar 22nd, 2012

    Thank you very very much Prabhu ji for sharing such an amazing article … I really love articles here they are pretty much applicabale to all of us. Please keep writing and enligtening us. Hari bol

  45. Milind M Churi

    Mar 28th, 2012

    The celibate monks in Sri Sri RadhaGopinathji Ashram are highly elevated souls.They are not an ordinary souls.They have given up their highly promising material positions to serve God and others in society.It is a good fortune of ours that we get an opportunity to hear them and see them.Their dealing with all other people who visits the ashram is exemplary.The good article.May Lord Gopinathji give us more strength to take proper benefit of their association.Thank you very much.

  46. shailesh

    Apr 7th, 2012

    Hare Krsna ! Thank you for sharing.

  47. Shyam mahtani

    Apr 18th, 2012

    I think each and every brahmachari is a billionaire, as they have been given the spiritual gift of service to Krishna and his devotees. There is no higher wealth. Hari Hari!

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