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  1. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 14th, 2014

    Very true. We can only help others to the extent of God’s willingness. Staying connected to Krishna always is one of the beautiful point in this nice article. Thank you HH Radhanath Swami for nurturing such monks with beautiful realizations.

  2. Kalpana Kulkarni

    Apr 15th, 2014

    Yes very true! when we see negativity around us, we definitely get drawn into that negativity.Its difficult to be detached. It will take a lot of time and practice to remain aloof from such things. We can only try and pray to the Lord for peace for ourselves and others.

    You mentioned that we should be internally connected to Krishna and detached from everything and everyone else. This is difficult as our detachment can be misconstrued as “not caring” about others and their feelings. How do we get the right balance of being detached and at the same time sensitive to others’ feelings?

  3. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 15th, 2014

    As HH Radhanath Swami often quotes, one can not undere estimate the power of prayers.

  4. NSP

    Apr 16th, 2014

    Nice article!

  5. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 16th, 2014

    Staying connected to Krishna always is the only method of achieving peace in this world of quarrel and hipocracy. HH Radhanath Swami taught us very diligently, the ways to do it.

  6. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 18th, 2014

    As it is nicely brought out in the article, staying always connected with Krishna at all situations will surely bring in peace in the world. Only in the association and guidance of great saints like HH Radhanath Swami, we can stay tuned to Krishna.

  7. Sumit Sharma

    Apr 20th, 2014

    Peace is possible if we use the peace formula as given in Bhagavad Gita.

  8. Gokul Sundari Devi Dasi

    Apr 21st, 2014

    Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 22nd, 2014

    The universal peace is possible only when God is centered around us. HH Radhanath Swami has created such selfless ashram where all the monks are sacrificing many things to share with the world, the most sublime life style of keeping Krishna at center and achieve this lasting peace.

  10. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 23rd, 2014

    Srila Prabhupada, spiritual master of HH Radhanath Swami says, if we, the predominated, cooperate with the will of God, the predominator then peace is automatically established.

  11. Aishwarya

    Apr 24th, 2014

    Wonderful article. It is so true one can help other only to the extent Lord wants us to! But to maintain an helpful attitude is good.

  12. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 24th, 2014

    In the age of Kali, which is full of quarrel and hypocracy, God centered life is the only solution for peace. This can be established by just following in the great saints like HH Radhanath Swami.

  13. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 25th, 2014

    In this age of kali where peace is in pieces, HH Radhanath Swami tirelessly preaching Krishna Consciousness all over to bring the unity and peace in the hearts of all living entities.

  14. Aishwarya

    Apr 25th, 2014

    It is so true that we have to do our best to help other at the sametime it is also a fact we too have our limitations.

  15. amit

    Apr 26th, 2014

    Thank you for sharing

  16. Sumit Sharma

    Apr 26th, 2014

    Wonderful and inspiring story.

  17. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 26th, 2014

    The highest peace can only be possible in the association of pure devotees like HH Radhanath Swami as they always carry Krishna with them.

  18. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 29th, 2014

    HH Radhanath Swami established Sri Sri Radhagopinath ashram with Krishna as center and preaching the message of Krishna all over resulting in peace as a positive side effect.

  19. sajeev

    Apr 30th, 2014

    This is a very nice post. I liked the point that altho we may be helping others, we also have to work on our krsna consciousness. thank you prabhu for sharing your realisations..

  20. ASH

    Apr 30th, 2014

    Nice article-solution for helping others in all circumstances.

  21. Y. Raja Shekar

    Apr 30th, 2014

    The prominent symptoms of Kali yuga, i.e., quarrel and hypocracy can easily be overcome just by keeping Krishna at the center of all our activities. HH Radhanath Swami nurturing all the monks of Sri Sri Radhagopinath ashram in this direction.

  22. amit

    May 1st, 2014

    thank you very much.

  23. pratik

    May 4th, 2014

    Very nice article on peace. Thank you Vraja Biharu Das for passing down HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s teachings to us.

  24. biswajit

    May 4th, 2014

    hare krishna

  25. Sumit Sharma

    May 23rd, 2014

    Wonderful one. Without Lord Krishna’s sanction nothing can happen. Thanks for sharing this valuable lesson.

  26. Arun Deshmukh

    Jun 2nd, 2014

    “We need to serve others, only then we feel real fulfillment”… this mode of service is essence of life of devotee… thank you prabhu… H H Radhanathswami Maharaj ki jay

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