Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi said so

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“We hardly realize the fact that incontinence is the root-cause of most of the vanity, anger, fear, and jealousy in the world.”
— Mahatma Gandhi


Havelock Ellis

Celibacy and Emotional Arts

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The masters of all the more intensely emotional arts have frequently cultivated a high degree of chastity. This is notably the case as regards music. One thinks of Mozart, of Beethoven, […]

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope’s Defence of Celibacy. Is it time to adopt and change?

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An incident last summer filled me with hope, as it indicated that our monastery was edging closer to this ideal standard under the guidance of Radhanath Swami. At our ashram situated in south Mumbai, […]

5 Habits for a Celibate Monk

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…less time for decorating the body, and more time for nourishing the soul and decorating it with saintly qualities. Life is short
…His attention towards his object is one pointed. For that he is patient and determined. […]