Western views of celibacy

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While reading ‘Clerical Celibacy: The Heritage’ by William E. Phillips, I noted with interest that the Vedic culture had influenced Western thought in more ways than one. And especially on the celibacy front […]

Radhanath Swami on Brahmacharya or Celibacy

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Making Tolerance a happy experience

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… tolerance alone can be stressful; besides like a suppressed volcano, our desires may burst off one day and cause huge damage. Therefore Radhanath Swami advises monks to simultaneously practise […] [wdgpo_plusone]

The joy of no sex – meet the rare & endangered species

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… but certainly not abnormal. In his autobiographical The Journey Home, Radhanath Swami reveals how for thousands of years many seekers of God have practised celibacy and led a contended life. […] [wdgpo_plusone]