Celibate Monks Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted by in Monk's Diary on 14. Feb, 2012 | 47 Comments

… St Valentine, both were celibate monks. A priest who lived in Rome in the second half of the third century. He preached the message of love of God with such enthusiasm despite much opposition. He was captured, he was tortured […] [wdgpo_plusone]

Selfless Sacrifice of three sons

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… I asked the couple if they regret to see all their three sons become monks, since in India even today having a son is considered a prized possession and what to speak of three qualified sons. At that the parents of Braja Raja […] [wdgpo_plusone]

Making Tolerance a happy experience

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… tolerance alone can be stressful; besides like a suppressed volcano, our desires may burst off one day and cause huge damage. Therefore Radhanath Swami advises monks to simultaneously practise […] [wdgpo_plusone]