Radhanath Swamy - Lessons from Himalayas

Lessons from the Himalayas – 1

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In 2008, Radhanath Swami spent two weeks at Rishikesh, the gateway to the Himalayas. Daily for a few hours, he sat on a rock in the middle of the swiftly flowing Ganges. The brahmacharis (the celibate monks) who were serving […]

The Monkhood Flight

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…while on the monkhood-flight, “Never mistake a steady life to be a still life.” We continue, drawing lessons from their experience, and from our own introspection. And we race ahead with Radhanath Swami as our pilot […] [wdgpo_plusone]

Meeting the emotional needs

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…Radhanath Swami asserts based on scriptural advice given in sacred Vedic texts of upadeshamrita … One day few of us celebrated Radhanath Swami’s birthday in his room. He told us the best gift we could give him […] [wdgpo_plusone]

A wealthy renunciate

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…appreciating him for internalizing principles of selfless service, I recollected Radhanath Swami’s description of Ghanshyam Baba in his memoir, ‘Journey Home’. Radhanath Swami found his heart […] [wdgpo_plusone]